Green Competences for Ecotourism in the Danube Region – Experts Group

The Kick-Off Experts Group Meeting – Green Competences for Ecotourism in the Danube Region took place on 9th of June 2015 in Bucharest.

The Experts Group was established at the proposal of the Romanian Ministry of National Education and the National Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development (NCTVETD), having the goal to explore the emerging needs in “green competences” and priorities for developing respective vocational education and training provisions in the Danube Region.

At the meeting participated representatives of European Training Foundation (ETF) and representatives of the following Countries of the Danube Region: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Muntenegru.


Greentourism Ecologic Association was reprezented by Mr Constantin Serban, the president of the association. He emphasized the need to extend the areas addressed by the green competences project to all tourism sector, not only to eco turism destinations surrounding the central protected areas. Highlighting the need to clarify the used syntagms and to revise the pleonastic concept of “sustainable eco tourism” , he emphasizes that areas currently out of ecotourism destinations who develop green tourism services, in all Danube Region, should be also taken into account.

In the last short PPT presentation of the meeting, Mr Constantin Serban stresses the need of at good cooperation between the eco tourism and the green tourism sectors, in order to address the “greening” of the entire tourism services sector;

The main conclusions regarding the future focus of the project that were articulated around the table were:
– identifying the green competencies for tourism;
– comparison of national qualification criteria;
– proposing greening of the criteria and suggesting qualifications based on comparison of qualifications in partner countries.

The next meeting should be organised in the autumn of 2015.
You can see the full Report of the meeting HERE.

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