Green Winter Hollidays Campaign

In every year, our Green Christmas & New Year Celebration Campaign started in december. The Green winter hollidays Campaign highlights the beneficial effect of a Green Christmas party near / below a living tree root adorned anniversary in the same time thinking in Earth, saving our planet.

Green Christmas_TreeCampaign

It is well known positive effect on our health and for the planet. More info in our green psychology section here.

Green Christmas, (Xmas, whrite with green) it’s a Green Tourism Ecologic Association campaign true reducing unnecessary consumption and generate less waste ouantity in Christmas. We are against the commercialization of cutted Christmas tree.

1) We campaigner for use of live Christmas tree with potted roots. Or if this is not possible use only one plastic Christmas tree, made by recicled plastic. But we rocommend the healtly use a Christmas tree with roots. Visit a local farm and choose a pine tree in pot.

GreenChristmas pig message

2) And then plan your traditional Christmas feast with the humane treatmens of animals in mind. Don’t kill animals. Use vegetarian food.

candles-on green-christmas-tree

3) For reducing emissions from fuel consumption we recommend in Green Christmas to spend the holidays in our family or travel by public transport web or by clean means like train, bicycle, sledge or made car sharing” if we have to go out on.

Green Christmas horse sleigh ride

4)Save electricity power consumption. Use litlle candle with christmas aroma.


5) Consider making gifts. Giving something made by yourself. If you don’t have time buy GreenArts made gifts. More details in

6)Or Giving something of yourself as a gift…

Oncology_GreenArts Therapy_Christmas2014_2

7)Not least, help people in needs so that they can enjoy Christmas. If you want to help raise childrens optimism and creativivity, details here.

Our campaign started every year around Christmas days preparations have the aim to change a consumer behavior or to start a new one “green” on this occasion. Green Christmas Campaign is the Green tourism association Christmas project for adapt/educate the adults at Climate changes and Sustainable develop reducing GHG emissions only changed a oun consumer behavior.

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