Greentourism chairRapid climate change, a consequence of excessive industrialization are causing or will cause significant changes until we manage to change the way we acquire those skills necessary for production.

Green economy is the chance of economic activities but on new bases and with minimal impact on the environment.
These changes will be influenced by labor markets and therefore it is necessary to boost the formation of new skills.

Green economy and launching “green” training programs represents an opportunity for revenue growth in tourism, and for those with a known activity, a green transformation is inevitable, so getting green skills in the production of tourist services in an organization even in urban areas can give long-term results.

The green economy needs green jobs.
Green occupations require new skills.

Training human capital is one of the major challenges for the EU member states just considering the current context when it is necessary to adapt to these changes and to reduce the impact of economic activities, including tourism that produce 10% of GDP worldwide.

Romania it seems not to have taken sufficient action to anticipate professional skills or forecast the creation of green jobs in tourism nationwide.
Most approaches tend to be more or less formal, consisting of interventions, interpellations, Turismverde association surveys and few consultations with stakeholders on the various deficiencies and gaps in green skills and competencies in tourism.

In Europe, the creation of green competent passed the diversification level and vary depending on education and training systems of the Member States.

G*EA try to influence the public policies and strategies of tourism enterprises for creating / adapting of a cleaner innovative tourism, namely green (sustainable, responsible, sustainable, slow, sweet, eco etc.)

Availability of skills for green jobs play a crucial role in triggering change and ease the transition to green tourism timely and effectively.

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