Save the Carpathians FB Group on International Mountain Day

On 11th of December at least one third of our country should celebrate Day of the Mountain, a reason to celebrate and promote the mountain environment as an opportunity and sustainable development model.

“11th of December – International Day of the Mountain” was declared by the United Nations to mark the opportunities but also the problems of these magnificent landforms which breaks the monotony of the Earth, covering more than a quarter of the surface of the continents.

While across Europe forest land grows, here in Romania it is going down, and what can be still considered as forest was slaughtered by illegal logging, “shaving” exploitation and the massive abusive cutting.


Poaching does not weaken in tandem with hunting promotion for “harvesting” the most beautiful specimens, under the pretext of “preserving ecological balance”, knowing that hunters always target the most vigorous animals that bring scores, awards and envy of other hunters.
Hundreds of villas and hotels were unsustainable stuck in alpine areas that were still natural.
Roads constructed by the top of the mountains, ignoring the real environmental impact fragment the habitats.
High voltage overhead lines are drawn over the mountain ridges in total contempt for nature.
As the candles on the cake, GSM antennas are placed who were approved without loss tips that occupy the old ruin Carpathian landscape.
We can see increasingly more cableways, most of them made with public money virtually lost because there will never be a paradise for ski slopes, especially considering the warming effect of climate changes.
Giant quarries make huge wounds in the body of the Carpathian Mountains.


All these damages and many others are “silently made” and little known by the public.

For raising awareness about the bad state of the Carpathian mountains, but also as an alarm signal for mobilization in defense of what is still Carpathian nature, on International Mountain Day we launched the group “Save the Carpathians”.

Save the Carpathians Group

Knowing that a picture worth more than a thousand words, the first action was to launch the rescue call for the Carpathians, using photography as a manifest so that in the coming years avoid admiring the Carpathian landscapes more in the old photo albums, to see mountain animals only in the zoo or stuffed on the walls of bad taste guesthouses, or to see the Carpathian mountain rivers only in documentaries or in the regions that have not destroyed their mountains.

Babele garbage

We invite all those who go for recreation in the Carpathians to upload relevant images in this album showing consequences of human activities that threaten the Carpathians. Images will necessarily contain information about the exact place and time of the photography and optional they will be accompanied by a brief description of reported aggression.

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