The Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Bridge

Our green tourism association was invited by the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland in the study tour organized between 22 and 26 June 2015 in Southern Poland and Eastern Slovakia.The tour is part of the Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Bridge project, co-financed by Switzerland within the Swiss program of cooperation with new member states of the European Union, and our goal was to bring the wallachian quintessence value which the Carpathia brand contains.

Alpine_Carpathian GreenTourism1

We participated in the tour with intention to represent other half of the Carpathian Mountains, to discover the Wallachian culture spread in these two countries and to build the green Carpathian part of the cooperation bridge with all stakeholders.

Yesterday, in the last day of the study tour in the Magija Farm from Wesola Stodola region, in the joint discussion about creating and placing brands an EU&World markets, Mr. Constantin Serban has presented the value of the Carpathia sub brand, Wallahian Vatra Trail and brevely, the PGL System and other important projects of our association for all present participants.

Wallachian Prez1 In his presentation, after a brief review of his expertise in green tourism (sustainable, responsible, slow) field, highlighting the need to reduce the carbon footprint of all tourism activities, he described of the value of Wallachian culture across Carpathian mountains.Wallachian Prez2

He expressed our concern over the continuing degradation of the countryside landscape, a resource for rural tourism development and stressed the role of cooperation in the Carpathia Brand for the sustainable development of rural areas in the Carpathian mountains and thus to a certain type of tourism without major impact on the environment, the green one: sustainable, responsible, slow, eco, etc.

Wallachian Prez3

You can see entire presentation here Carpathian subbrand_Wallachian Vatra Trail

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