The assessment of the National Strategy for Tourism of Romania

As a member of CEEWEB for Biodiversity coalition (Working Group on sustainable tourism), our association has made at the end of year 2012 the national tourism strategy assessment of Romania (SDNT), having in the centre the document of the National Tourism Master Plan for Romania (2007 – 2026).
The evaluation was conducted based on the methodology and criteria developed by CEEWEB , which you can see here.

SDNT assessment is vital because it correlates the variety of different tourism planning documents in CEE countries, underscores the considerable influence of tourism on the economy, quality of life and long-term benefits of the tourism industry.

Same as all Central and Eastern European countries, Romania needs a comprehensive national strategy for tourism development to manage and respect the natural and cultural resources as part of the competitive advantage in the context of European and international tourism markets.

Our evaluation showed among other things that the Romanian tourism strategy meets only a percentage of 42.4% (on average) trom the analyzed indicators.

Also one of the recommendations we made ​​in the final assessment emphasizes that sustainable tourism development should not only be a simple statement, but a real priority, supported by clear objectives, expected results, consistent actions and monitoring.
You can download here the Final Report of the National Tourism Strategy Assessment of Romania.

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