• EducArt

    Environmental education through art, in short EducArt is the main education and raising awareness project of Greentourism Ecological Association, in which arts and crafts reprezent the creative way of expressing care and responsibility for the natural environment.
  • PGL System

    Progressive Green Labeling System - a necessary tool for enhancing tourism products and services on a competitive market

Green Classification

Progressive Green Labeling System (PGL System) is a classification / gradual labeling system exclusively based on environmental criteria, complementary to existing star system.

Green Education

Knowing the major role of art in education, GreenArts contributes in it’s speciffic unique way to this noble purpose – green education.

Green Amphitheatre

Green Amphitheatre is a project of raising awareness to young pupils and students towards environmental issues, a space where the free speech, the exchange of green ideas is facilitated