1st Carpathian States Tourism Forum


1st Carpathian States Tourism Forum was held in Rzeszów, Poland on 28 May 2014 on the initiative of Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The aim of the Forum is to create a platform for cooperation and exchange of knowledge on tourism basing on the provisions of the Carpathian Convention and Protocol on Sustainable Tourism.

At this event Greentourism Ecological Association was represented by Constantin Serban, the president of the association, who participated in the panell: “Natural and cultural heritage of the Carpathians – developing torism products” with an interesting subject: “Vallachian culture across Carpathians – The Vallachian Firepit, Traditional Holliday Village Project”.


We see the common Vallachian culture as a binder and a starting point for developing cooperation across Carpathians.

The Vallachian Firepit could be a good success story to maintain and develop the common cultural identity in the Carpathians.

Based on the draft project initiated by our association since 2008 in Romania as a model of culture and biodiversity preservation and also as a inovative sustainable tourism product, we proposed to extend the Traditional Holliday Village Project in each Carpathian country for connecting the Carpathians.

Sigla vatra valaha_ecuson_m

The succes of any brand under Carpathian name is conditioned by the common aproach and win-win-win principle integrated in a transboundary tourism product like “Vallachian Firepit”.

More details about the event here.

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