2018 green start in world tourism

The year 2018 marks the start of a green move by the decision of Interstate Hotels and Resorts to take a first step in the vegan trend in tourism with a vegetarian and vegan culinary promotion for over 500 hotels managed all over the globe.

Here, without visiting TTR, where we have been promoting the introduction of the vegan trend in Romanian tourism, the largest hotel chain in the world has adopted 27 vegetarian or vegan menus that are included in the new menus launched on January 1st.

For reasons that support and support the health and wellbeing of the environment and animal welfare, our green association has been campaigning for many years (see the latest “Veganism and Tourism” events in 2016 – Black Sea Food Summit – Romhotel and 2017 -TTR from Romexpo, including the organization of the “GreenVeggy” mini-exhibition with a tasting for the professional but also the visitor) for the adoption of the vegan trend and the Romanian tourism.

Even if hotels have the option to customize their menus, some of the recipes recommended by Interstate Hotels and Resorts include: Corn Risotto, Corn and Zucchini Meatballs, Macaw and Cheese Nucvil and Wilted Kale, Pastrami, Spaghetti Zucchini Squash with Pesto Spigarello Hazelnut and Avocado Toast.
“We have recognized a shift in the growing demand for a new wave of consumers waiting for healthier choices, and it is our duty to meet the wishes of our customers and attendees,” said Bradley Moore, vice president of Food and Beverage operations.

We are once again glad to have confirmation that we are keeping pioneers in the Romanian industry by promoting the “Greening your tourism” models aimed at recovering classical tourism towards sustainable, responsible, sustainable tourism in line with our concept “CRESC Tourism” decade.

More details about the Interstate Hotels and Resorts initiative here!

Sustainable GreenTourism

RoGEA – Romanian Greentourism Ecologic Association (Ro_AETv) is a non-governmental organization in the green-eco field headquartered in Romania. Our mission is to support biodiversity conservation, environmental and social protection true sustainable, responsible, environmentaly, slow, sweet etc. tourism, in one word: Greentourism*.
We have the aim to improve untill change the conservatory way of producing and consuming tourism services especialy in sensitive areas more then protected areas, including sensitive urban areas and tourism adaptation to climate changes and reducing tourism emisions.

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