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GreenTourism* Ecological Association, G*EA is a environmental non-governmental organization (a green-eco field wachdog) headquartered in Romania focussed in tourism and all domanis which are intersecting.

Green wachdoging

​Our mission is to preserve as much as possible the environment, the aesthetic valences in all areas protected & unprotected (delta, mountain, sea, urban-rural etc.) and social connections with the inhabitants, preserving their cultural heritage material or immaterial values and their traditional while contributing to understanding and tolerance in human-nature symbiosis, that future generations could enjoy their travels even in the same conditions as us today. We support biodiversity conservation, promoting all green areas and sustainable, responsible, environmentaly tourism, slow tourism, sweet tourism etc, in one word: Greentourism*.

We have the aim to improve until change the conservatory way of producing and consuming tourism services(not only) especially in sensitive areas more than protected areas, including sensitive urban areas and tourism (behavior) adaptation to climate changes and reducing tourism emissions.
We are developing the PGL System, 1-5 Green Label Complementary Tourism Certification for the environmental protection in the processes of green economy development of tourism, psychocology or Green psychology for sustainable personal development and change consuming behaviors, GreenTourismBike for promoting use of bicycle in tourism services, GreenTourism Caravanning for promoting RV use, performs art-therapy humanitarian workshops – GreenArts Therapy, make education true Arts for Sustainability –EducArtS including developing youth education true GreenAmphiteathre universitary project, support biodiversity conservation in the GreenInfrastructure, encourages vegetarian-vegan dietary by GreeVeeStyle to reduce the suffering of farm animals and decrease animal gas emissions, Green Shopping to encourage sustainable consumption, acts against Foodwaste by redirecting food left from hospitality industry to social causes, Green advocacy and lobby.

We are member in CEEweb for Biodiversity beeng active in two working groups: Sustainable Tourism and Rural development. The most important contribution we had was to asses Tourism strategy of Romania. We are also  involved as observer in the Carpathian Convention working group for sustainable tourism. One of the association priorities is promoting Vallachian culture heritage in Romania and whole Carpathian region as a historical and cultural link among Carpathian countries and we designed the development  first in Romania a Valachian holliday village, a living museum with 7 most reprezentative traditional houses from each Carpathian country.

In national we are member of Romanian Association of Standardization – ASRO,  co-initiators of Romanian Environmental Coalition – CMR,  members of Romanian Federation of Cycling – FBR and co fundators of RNDR, National Network of Rural Development, Ro RV Club of caravaning co-initiators of The Consultative Council of the NGO of the Ministry of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue and of the Foodwaste Informal NGO Coalition.


* – written in one word because it refers at a concept like agrotourism, ecotourism, etc.  This romanian word written together sintetise in a suggestive way for every people the romanian concept of sustainable&responsible tourism as a travel without a negative impact over natural and social environment.

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