Consultation period for ‘Thessalia Charter’

CHARTS INTERREG IVC Project Partnership launched the ‘Thessalia Charter’ for Cultural & Heritage Sustainable Tourism Development in Brussels during ‘Open Days’

The Charter reflects the increasing emphasis given to the issues concerning the preservation and diffusion of the European Culture and Heritage (including contemporary culture and natural heritage), in the light of its connection to Tourism and Sustainability. In this context, the creation of sustainable, innovative and transnational new, enhanced and upgraded tourism products and services based on culture and heritage should be considered of crucial importance. The emphasis of the Charter is on the involvement of the local host communities, the familiarization of visitors with the local culture and heritage, the provision of access for all to the cultural and natural resources, the tackling of climate change impacts from tourism at destinations, as well as overcoming the aftermath of the economic crisis through employment generation, innovation and sustainable development.

The Charter includes the established 12 good practice themes examined and documented in the CHARTS project, but also proposes further actions on the following themes:
•Mobilizing Volunteers
•Religious & Pilgrimage Tourism
•Industrial Heritage Tourism
•Interpretation Facilities
•Intangible Heritage
•Sustainable Mobility within and for Access to Destinations.

A consultation period follows until 15 December 2014, with the final version of the Charter to be published in December 2014, marking a new era in cultural and heritage sustainable tourism development and promotion in the EU and beyond.


Our association intensively promotes the charter and collects feedback from romanian stakeholders to send proposals to the initiators.
The charter can be consulted here.


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