Greentourism* Ecological Association

81, Garlei, corp B, Univ. Biotera

Sector 1, Bucharest, CIF:24703520


tel.: +40 752 644 724


  • jennifertbryant

    Natural symbiotic relationships in the soil provide extra nourishment and eliminate the need to use fertilizers and other chemicals. Birds and butterflies are attracted almost immediately when many of their favorite plants are installed.

  • Greetings!
    I am senfuma moses in Uganda a PhD student of applied ecopsychology, I would like exchange ideas with your organisation and as well share experience in the field to have a replica of your project in Uganda.

    • admin

      Hi Moses,
      I am Constantin Serban (Shaman/Shareman) the promoter of Green Psychology in Romania.
      I am glad to read about your interes in the field.
      We agree to share with you our experience in Uganda.
      We sent you a email from
      Wait your reply.
      Green regards,

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