Double global celebration in 1st edition of 2017 Bucharest Green Holiday Fest

On the occasion of the International Youth Day and the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, the Ecological Green Tourism Association organizes with the support of the Bucharest City Hall (through Proedus and Arcub) the 1st edition of Green Holiday Fest 2017, August 12-13, in Bucharest Tineretului Park .

For two days, the event presents itself as an urban tourist camp exclusively dedicated to children *, conection between Climate changes and Peace.

Are Youth prepared to Climate Changes Social Movements?

In the area (Sincai entrance) of ​​the youth Park, In the allocated area (the Sincai entrance) of the camp, the participants will be able to hear about the impact of climate change on social calm, they will have motion and play programs and will even be able to experience the afternoon’s jolt in one of the Tents arranged for them A city camp.


The Green Tourism Association will provide a team of volunteers experienced in tourism, (sustainable, responsible, etc., green) positive and optimistic, in turn, parents of children.

The green holiday programs will combine stories about specific objects, camping sites, green tourism techniques, workshops where we practice creativity and environmental maneuver when traveling in nature, green art up-cycling art workshops, but the first Place as importance remaining playing.

Every day of the Festival will have a theme that will be creatively included in the green games and activities of which we mention:
-Camping site assignment
-Taking a tent and anchoring it
-Why do not we make fire place in the woods?
-Learn the biodiversity of the living world
-Ecological cooking methods
-Presentation of a mountain backpack
-Modeling equipment presentation
-Compass orientation
-Presentation of the first aid kit
-Thanks and camp games

-How to make tools from garbage
-Other green tourism activities
Those who donate to continue the association’s projects receive a green gift, good for a sustainable (sustainable) vacation.

The festival has as a motto a quote from Mark Twain saying that the secret of success is “to make your vocation a holiday!”

We give you slippers on vacation. Green slippers for green vacations!

Only for children aged between 8 and 108 years.

The 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism aims to support a change in production, consumption and production policies, practices and tourism so that the tourism sector actively contributes to the overall objectives of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Objectives, with five key areas :
Sustainable and inclusive growth;
Social Inclusion, Employment and Poverty Reduction;
Effective use of resources, environmental protection and climate change;
Cultural values, diversity and heritage;
Mutual understanding, peace and security.
The World Tourism Organization (WTO), the United Nations Specialized Agency for Tourism, has been designated to facilitate the organization and implementation of the International Year.
Our association that supports the social and cultural ecological reconversion of classical tourism to achieve all those green values ​​targeted by the global objectives has organized a series of events in this context within the activities and all the events in which it participated this particular year for tourism industry.

More info about how we celebrate International Year of Tourism for Sustainable Development, here!

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