Environmental education through visual arts, in short “EduArtS” – Education true Arts for Sustenability, part of GreenEdu project for Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change is the main education and raising awareness project of Greentourism Ecological Association, in which arts and crafts reprezent the creative way of expressing care and responsibility for the natural environment. Represent the silent manifest of arts true nature conservation and ecology.

The project has manny directions: EduArD – Education true Art for Develop (personal develop for green life), EcoArt (using recycled materials to artisticaly express an environmental message) and GreenArts (using materials found in nature to express nature’s beauty). This is the direction we are more focused in the present.

GreenArts, have many techniques for express green message depending of the material type, like: SeedsArt (using seeds for collages and modeling), Oshibana (using pressed flowers and leaves colage), Coffe&WinneArt (using coffe and winne to paint), Sumi-E (using vegetal charcoal for painting), HempArt (using textil and roap hemp), RockArt (using litlle rocks and stones), FlakesArt (using birds flakes), including using spiderweb for made artworks with green message.

Exhibitions are the visible result of EducArt project which aims to get people more sensitive about nature, so they reconsider her value, by simply watching natural colors and shapes arranged in an artistic way (GreenArts) or surprizing use of recycled paper, metal or plastic (EcoArt).
Our target group is not the critics of art, but the people who lost the connection with nature, the people who need to make a stronger connection with natural environment, the people who simply love nature and feels good expressing themselves through an unique kind of art.

Romhotel expo

The main part of EducArt activities is represented by workshops and classes, which connect people to nature at a deeper level. During these workhops, we teach people (mainly children and teenagers in urban areas) how to use not only their eyes, but also their hands and their imagination for creating with natural or recycled materials.


We also have a humanitarian section of our workshops, named GreenArts therapy, which aims to help children in hospitals feel better by creating with natural naterials.

The third part of EducArtS project is about outdoor activities which take children and teenagers directly in the middle of nature for live a green part of life. During one day trips named “The Portrets of Nature”, they learn about nature, about local vegetation and how to collect and preserve natural materials in a responsible way. Then we teach them the speciffic green arts techniques for creating their pieces of art.

Portrets of nature

The next step for us is to keep people interested in these kind of activities a longer time in the place, because we have many valuable things to deliver and we also want local communities to benefit from these activities. We plan to involve children and teenagers from rural areas in Educart activities, so they have access to a new form of artistic expression (GreenArts) and also they can share their experiences in nature with participants comming from urban areas.

EducArtS aims to have not only a cultural and ecological impact, but also an economic and social impact.

Last but not least, EducArtS, (GreenArts) like part of Green Education (Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change) aims to promote the European common natural biodiversity and cultural heritage along Carpathians and Danube river, using green&eco artworks.

You can find more about GreenArts activities in Romania here and about European activities here.

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