EducArtS in Circular Economy

Unconventional educational project of G*EA – Greentourism* Ecologic Association has invited to exibit in the second edition of Urban FEST Bucharest together with others eco active NGO’s. By EducArtS the circular economy principles was public informed trough arts.


Urban FESTival, organized by the European Commission Representation in Romania together with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Bucharest City Hall and the European Commission – DG Regio was held in front of Romanian Athenaeum, between 1-4 October 2016 in wich was public proposed to become familiar with the circular economy, features and benefits for citizens and society.


EducArtS ExpoMix exibit was the aim to educate for sustainability true many sustainable artsworks and mixed art tehniques presented of public who was visited the exterior of the Agora circle, besides the Bucharest centrum bike trail including for the nights public stimulated public the night before by the Bucharest NAG- (white) Night Art Gallerias.


The main goal of Expomix EducArtS is to keep alive the need for nature protection within the European community and the environment while facilitating awareness of the importance and beauty of obtaining knowledge of new mechanisms in the current context of the present and future generations.


Understanding the deep-induced visual exhibitions EducArtS we can maybe even help learning how to avoid some mistakes of managing natural resources. For instance, based on collaboration with curator Constantin Serban, G*EA has produced the exhibition “Forest Spirits” to build a future based on sustainability for all natural forests.


G*EA aims to develop cultural projects to promote those innovative, contemporary, domestic and international arts that can transmit those images, ideas and fellings which aim to increase awareness of the general public towards the importance of environmental protection.


Beyond creating visible events in the program of cultural activities in the country and abroad, the project’s educational component by trying to facilitate access to this new type of culture of that generation who young audiences belong.

More info about EducArtS, here…


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