With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s growing demand for green food is becoming bigger and bigger, but there are some problems in traditional marketing and at the same time, the rapid development of web marketing has impacted greatly on traditional marketing channels of the green food. The study attempts to analyze the development and the problems of green food in our country in traditional marketing, discussed the necessity and feasibility of the traditional green food enterprises to develop E-commerce in the Internet era, as well as ways to network marketing development and put forward countermeasures and suggestions for Roumanian green marketing.

The vegetarians lifestyle is very healthy, active and carefully thought out.

Including is very sustainable for the planet future.


Greentourism Lunch


They care very much about their diet. For this reason, more and more restaurants introduce various dishes for vegetarians and vegans, and some tourist destinations focus strictly on this niche, to create a paradise for those who want to eat natural and healthy.

Top “Green Food Concept” destinations in Carpathians, dedicated for all including vegetarians began to be conducted by Romanian GreenTourism Association to prepare an alternative plan for all those who eat healthy, even when they are on the trip.

“Green Food Concept” is a Greentourism inovation project with aim to encourage the use of organic farming products in tourism and for starting a stepped pathway for conversion from chemical to organic agriculture and find a “middle way” between classic and organic farming, encouraging minimum reduced pesticide use.


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