GHG vs ENT or EGO-logy vs ECO-logy

With Green Cristmas campaign we start a debate about “GHG vs ENT” or “EGO-logy vs EGO-logy”.

Green Amphiteather_Iasi

We realize that when we are preparing celebrations for the great bloated, create practical consequences GHG-polluting by producing greenhouse gases, waste etc?
Does all this mean that the issue of gender-based negative thoughts which, when accumulated, will return to the issuer at a time out?
In an attempt to trigger a change in the production of ENT (emission of negative thoughts/thinking) in an attempt to decrease GHG, Faculty of Psychology of Spiru Haret University joined the campaign (green) Xmas – GreenChristmas of our association for green tourism&life.
On December 15th. 2015 Feast of Christmas tree organized by the Faculty of Psychology was a special guest Amphitheatre green, meant to launch in “Spiru Haret”, the “Green Christmas”, precisely in this time of year known as the period of year with the highest consumption of goods that are produced in the largest quantities of waste over the year and the period with the highest emission of greenhouse gases man-.
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For those of your readers who do not know, Ecologic Association Greentourism (Turismverde)* is an NGO for environmental protection focused on economics of service delivery in order to encourage the provision of sustainable production&consumption of services and goods Eco & Green. Details on, in ro language.


Association project, “Green Amphitheater” working for more than five years in universities and high schools in Bucharest and in the country, yet only space itinerant, green, type agora for public school debating young eco themes. There are school facilities that house with great interest the paper “amphitheater green” on several occasions, during which facilitates the expression of ideas Green climate change and sustainable development of society, representing virtually a genuine and also the unique way of Education Green younger generation protection of biodiversity and nature in general. GreenChristmas

Egology vs Ecology
In the campaign “Green Christmas” released earlier in the Faculty of Management and Economic Engineering and Rural Development -USMV Bucharest, Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences -Spiru Haret Bucharest Faculty of Horticulture -USMV, besides exposing the causes and the main reasons why change of behavior required to spend a Green Christmas present and what should be done specifically by each of us to protect biodiversity and nature during the winter holidays:

– Use potted christmas trees, with roots or recycled plastic and discouraging cut trees that reach commercialization in January in the trash;

Green Christmas_TreeCampaign

– Discouraging consumption of meat, especially pork, to not cause animal suffering in this time of year and adopt a vegetarian diet;

GreenChristmas pig message
– Save electricity power consumption. Use litlle candle with christmas aroma.

candles-on green-christmas-tree
– For reducing emissions from fuel consumption occasioned by movements of holidays, family holidays or moving party means or encouraging clean “car sharing” -lui, if I have to go out far longer distances to use the train;

Green Christmas horse sleigh ride

– Encouraging the provision of hand-made gifts and especially those taken by ourselves, with natural materials or materials to recycle, eco & green;


– Encouragement of giving something from us, like we give joy to our neighbors in need in these days of celebration and children’s hospitals. Find out how you too can bestow happiness here and now.

Oncology_GreenArts Therapy_Christmas2014_2

Presenting, we launched the debate “EGO-logy” vs “ECO-logy” and I summarized the role of Ecopsihology or Green psychology area promoted by myself, as president of the association environmentalist green tourism since the time students in me -I education and training focused on green psychological intervention for reducing the effects of climate change and sustainable development of human society.

Collaborating betwin Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and Greentourism Ecological Association (Turismverde*) in the Green Amphitheatre project will continue in 2016 after the winter student vacation when will be scheduled other meetings with students and will be held debates profile eco-psychological or Green psychology about EGO/EGO logy. Until next year, I want readers, colleagues and friends of Greentourism* to spend Christmas and New Year with environmental responsibility and also we wish you a the traditional “Green Christmas” with green habits!


Greentourism* Ecologic Association is promoting the Environmental protection in the processes of economic development of society, Personal development through Eco-psychology or Green psychology, performs Art-Therapy humanitarian workshops, make youth Green Education for adaptation to climate changes and reducing GHG, support biodiversity conservation, promoting protected areas and sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, environmentaly tourism, slow tourism, sweet tourism etc, in one word: Greentourism*.

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