Green economy in Agri bussiness

coverGreen Amphiteather project was in the midle of Bucharest USMAV students with a actual theme: Green economy in Agri bussiness in 11th nov 20015.


First we learn about Sustainable develop in general and Sustainable develop of agriculture in particular.


Directly we debated about how can influence another type of agribusiness like Green bussiness.

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“Green Amphitheatre” is a space dedicated to green educational activities, green exposures, green presentations and discussions with the public school, scheduled and ad hoc, on issues related to biodiversity, ecology, environment, climate change, sustainable development, etc.

Not only symbolic, “Amphitheatre Green” is an open space of green thoughts, ideas, discourses and debates to help maintain the high level of knowledge of humanity in order to preserve the natural environment of Nature that future generations may enjoy benefits well, at least the same conditions as we do today. More info about “Green Amphitheatre”, here.



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