Green Amphitheatre

We know that education is the most effective means available to society to meet the challenge of the future. Although in 2002, United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the period 2005-2014 as United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development but in our country we were not registered remarkable progress in this regard.

Green Amphitheatre, started in 2010, is one of the green education projects conducted by our association in various educational institutions in Bucharest and beyond.

Green_AmphitheatreGreen Amphitheatre is a nonformal project of raising awareness to young pupils and students towards environmental issues created by various human activities including the situations when the men is the beneficiary or the provider of a tourism service and not only. Is a itinerant project with the goal to raise awareness about education for sustainable development and climate change adaptation in all sectors who tourism is intersected. Many of the themes Amphitheatre green are the same as those stipulated in the national curriculum on sustainable development: reducing poverty, ethics and civic responsibility in local and global contexts, peace, human rights, gender equality, health, cultural diversity, green economy, environmental protection and biodiversity, sustainable management of natural resources and combating climate change and adaptation. Only at secondary level proposes an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approach of some issues such as globalization and global citizenship within an optional subject Education for Development.


Green Amphitheatre started in 2010, since then there were very few themes included in the national curricula. And then, as now, the themes are not presented as separate lessons but are included in other disciplines. At present the educational policies of Romania and concepts of sustainable development and adaptation to climate change are not well correlated, and the majority system is rigid and highly centralized although sometimes are teachers very enthusiastic to do everything possible to include in the curricula of these concepts.
We are in contact with these teachers in special schools and universities that provide a framework for development of Green Amphitheatre. Besides training in green direction we donated a number of valuable tourism information materials to various educational units in Bucharest.

Schools projects and donations benefiting our Bioterra University – Agrotourism, Academy of Economic Studies (Commerce – Tourism), Veterinary Medicine – University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (Agrotourism Management and Agribussiness), “Petre Andrei” University Iasi (Green Psychologies) , “George Enescu” University Iasi(green sinergies of arts and design), “Nicolae Titulescu” University Bucharest, Economic “Viilor” College (Tourism Classes) Bucharest, “A.D.Xenopol Economic College Bucharest (Tourism Classes), Technological College “Grigore Cerchez” Bucharest (Tourism Classes), “Spiru Haret” University (Matematics, informatics and Geography) etc.

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In the green amphitheater we created a space where the free speech, the exchange of green ideas is facilitated and we inform the audience about up to date information regarding environmental issues, nature (as support of life) and last but not least, about a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Green Aphitheatre is initiated, presented and facilitated by Constantin Serban president and fundator of Greentourism Ecologic Association true 2008. More relevant abillity and professional skills:
-ANTREC (National Association of Rural Ecological and Cultural) Founder, Targoviste, 1994;
-Licensed in Engineering and Management in Agritourism, Bucharest, 1996;
Eurogites Expert Classification in Farms and rural guesthouses locations, Bucharest, 1996;
-Eco-innovation in tourism – Inventor of PGL (Progressive Green Labeling) system, Bucharest, 2003-2004;
-Second Asesor AMIC, UGT, Barcelona, ​​2004-2005;
-Responsible environmental compartment ANTREC, Bucharest, 2005-2008;
-Blue Air company represented in Spain, 2006-2007;
-Blue Air company, Chief station, Barcelona Airport, 2006;
-Independent consultant in green tourism, 2008;
-Greentourism* Ecological Association
founder, 2008;
-Economic Engineering and Rural Development master, Bucharest, 2009-2010;
-Sustainable tourism, UNIDO consultant, CSR in tourism, Bucharest, 2009-2011;

-Romanian initiator and promoter of “Eco-psychology” or “green Psychology” domain, Iasi, 2010;
European concept Founder,  2010;
-International consultant of
Tourism national strategic documents, 2012-2013;
-Technical commitee no 373,
ASRO ( CEN & ISO) Expert 2013;
-Licentiat In Psychology and Educational Sciences, Iasi 2013;
-Clinic Psihology and Psyhological Intervention, student, Bucharest 2014-2016;
-Expert SUERD, 2015.

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