Green hour of code

“Green Hour Code”was organised back to back with Code Hour in Spiru Haret University Bucharest event. The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.
Ora de cod Verde
He was facilitated by Green Amphitheatre, the Green Educational project of Green tourism (turismverde*) Ecologic Association from 2010. After an exciting lecture on climate change, the role of green psychology of behavior change and sustainable development of society have debated with students of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences the influence it can have the computers technology and programming to protect the environment.
Green Hour of code in Green Amphitheatre was discussed how the infomational technology and computers programming can make their contribution to influencing the consumer decision of the people in the green direction.
Green Amphitheatre is a nonformal project of raising awareness to young pupils and students towards environmental issues created by various human activities including the situations when the men is the beneficiary or the provider of a tourism service and not only.
Is a project with the goal to raise awareness about education for sustainable development and climate change adaptation in all sectors who tourism is intersected. Many of the themes Amphitheatre green are the same as those stipulated in the national curriculum on sustainable development: reducing poverty, ethics and civic responsibility in local and global contexts, peace, human rights, gender equality, health, cultural diversity, green economy, environmental protection and biodiversity, sustainable management of natural resources and combating climate change and adaptation.
In “Green hour” we discuss in the Green Aphitheatre framework about the possible influence of Informacion and Communication Technology (TIC) or digital competences in Climate change and Sustainable development.
GreenAmphitheatre HourCode
Green Amphitheatre is initiated, presented and facilitated by Constantin Serban, president and fundator of Greentourism Ecologic Association true 2008. More info in romanian language, here!

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