Green psychology proposals for Ministry of Environment action plan

Green Ecological Tourism Association proposals to complement the action plan of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests.

(Pentru limba romana, apasati aici)

Today, January 25, 2016,  we had the honor to be invited to attend working meeting of NGO’s with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, Ms Cristiana Paşca Palmer. The meeting took place at MMAP, Council Room (ground floor), starting at 11:30.


The topics of meeting was:

– Presentation of the Action Plan of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests;
NGO’s proposals for the Plan of measures;
Presenting the point of view of NGOs on the Environment Fund Administration;
Debates on finding solutions for the effective management of programs EFA.
Conclusions and suggestions for future activities.
Attended by representatives of several NGOs active since the early environmental movement, many with names which comprises “green” them as our association, Green Revolution, MaiMultVerde etc. and many NGOs which comprises names “Eco” as Ecoteca, Ecocivica, EcoAsist, Ecopolis etc, and foundations known prodigious activity in the field such as Terra 3rd Millenium Foundation, many NGOs participating is part of Coalition for environment from Romania, as is the case of our association, and representatives Coalition “Natura 2000” and WWF.
After the presentation by Ms. Minister Cristiana Paşca Palmer, he has reiterated that the ministry can solve many problems by extending the experience and expertise existing in the movement of environmental NGOs, during which attendees were invited to submit their proposals for completing Measure Plan of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests introduced for the entire measurement sectoral environmental issues, forests and biodiversity.
Proposals NGO representatives covered the whole range of environmental issues in all sectors.

We had 4 green proposal in 3 green domain: Green Psychology, Green Edu, Green Economy. More about green seminification here.

The proposal was:

1) influencing consumer behavior and production behavior through Eco-psychology  or Green Psychology.

Green Psy

2)Green Amphiteathre

3)EducArtS- Education true Arts for Sustainability

4)PGL system

Meeting Envir
Our view on the Environment Fund Administration is formulated within and through the  Environment Coalition from Romania, here in ro lang.

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