Greentourism at PRO VELO XI Conference

Greentourism* Ecological Association participated in 14-16 November 2014, in Brasov at the 11th National Conference on cycling, urban biking and cycling promotion – PRO VELO XI, organized by “Cyclo Club Napoca” (CCN) under the Biking Federation Romania (BFR).
Along with NGOs across the country active in promoting recreational cycling as a utilitary and recreational tool and as a means of urban mobility or tourism,
representatives of foreign partner organizations, of public institutions and of certain operators economic profile attended the conference.
For 3 days complex themes were discussed to identify solutions and best practice models to transform cycling in Romania in everyday normality and a natural and pleasant experience.

There Were approached also issues of promoting bicycle – public communication, culture and mentality issues, public policy and urban mobility, relationship with public transport and pedestrian movement, health education and mobility, historical issues, domestic and international situation prospects and opportunities.
An important component of the conference focused on tourism and recreational biking. The topics discussed were: the draft of National Marked Bike Path Network of Romania (RNTCMR), the designation procedures, marking and homologation of cycle tourism routes, the itinerary of some specific national and regional bike path, compatibility between the various local initiatives and the integration within national project RNTCMR and European network EuroVelo (two of them going to cross and Romania – EuroVelo6 and EuroVelo 13), standards for pro-bikers accommodations  and cycling guides, classic and online cyclotourism guides and maps.

At the conference, our Association presented briefly four ongoing projects:
1. The progressive classification system of tourism services based on sustainability criterias  (Progressive Green Labeling System), a system that prioritises the use of bicycles as a means of environment friendly transportation and recreation. Touristic service provider classified by one to five acorns must put at tourists disposal cycle tourism facilities and specific equipment.

2. Green Wallachia agri-guesthouse project – pilot model for the implementation
of standards for pro-cycling accommodations integrated in Progressive Green Labeling System.
3. Presentation of the Carpathian Convention Sustainable Tourism Strategy, adopted by Romania by Law no. 72/2014 updated in 28.11.2014
4. Invitation to the establishment of the Carpathian Cyclotourism Cluster – 3C

It was agreed to organize a new profile conference in the first half of 2015 with a broader spectrum of participants, development of cooperation between organizations interested in promoting bicycle, including a campaign to attract new organizations in the Coalition “Pro Velo” and FBR, and there were reviewed and adopted several resolutions, appeals and position papers that will be presented to the public in the coming period and will be delivered to the authorities.
“Development of cycle tourism in Romania and in particular in the Carpathians is a must and also an opportunity that local and national tourism authorities should support in the light of sustainable tourism development strategies that our country has adopted,” said Constantin Serban, president of the Greentourism* Ecological Association.
Turismverde* Ecological Association is involved in sustainable tourism development through the widespread use of the bicycle as a means of transportation and recreation (cyclo tourism) and it is affiliated to the RBF.

Romanian Biking Federation (RBF) promotes cycling as a means of transportation and recreation utility role (cycling), defends and promotes the interests of cyclists; promoting sustainable transport and mobility and an active and healthy lifestyle through cycling. RFB brings together non-governmental organizations from all over the country and is affiliated to the European Cyclists Federation (ECF).

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