Greentourism Destination in Carpathians

GreenTourism * is a Romanian initiative for protecting the environment in Carpathians, which has partners in Poland, Moldavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and friends in all seven Carpathian countries.

We launched a very interesting and important campaign for identifying green destinations in the Carpathians. If you are passionate about green environment we want to share our idea with you.

GreenTourism is a green platform, the first in its kind that will empower consumers to encourage tourism businesses and organizations to be more green and to reward those who already are. This initiative will help democratize the environmental movement as much as Ecological Association Turismverde * ( made for the travel industry.

The first GreenTourism destination we identified is Colti – Bozioru – Nehoiu – Siriu – Gura Teghii located in Buzau county. You can find more information about this in the following interview with Mr. Constantin Serban, the president of GreenTourism Ecological Association, from min. 01:32 till min. 10:08 .

Business 2 B is a TV show dedicated to economics issues, presenting stories of successful antreprenors, public and private investment, interviews with experts in economics, finance information, business opportunities, etc.

With GreenTourism the rules will change, consumers will be able to influence the behavior of tourism enterprises and organizations. We believe this initiative has the greatest chances of success.

If you like our idea we would be grateful to share it with your network and / or contribute to our campaign for identification of the green destinations in the Carpathians, marked with green flag.

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