Hoteldon Foodrive

Green Responsability in Tourism

We celebrate european day with new ideeas to greening our life. G*EA have developing the tourism anti waste food solution. We are proposing the introduction of a dedicated mobile catering unit for food donation from the hotel and restaurant sector such as a vans or a caravan low impact, exclusively for urban and rural tourist resorts and for touristic cities and the establishment of special places with a precise program of sale to the vulnerable public.

Our association have designed the tourism antiwaste food pilot social project named “Hoteldon foodrive” service, on the basis of which it is possible to unite in the whole country the food donations products from the hotel industry sector, which can be developed on a national scale in a partnership with betwin local autority “to the grass level”, where the Green Tourism Association ensures the operational management of the specific mobile units catering for catering from the hotel and restauration sector.


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