Meeting of the most representative members of the National Network for Rural Development (NNRD)

The Support Unit of the National Network for Rural Development held a meeting of the most representative members NNRD on 4-5 June 2015 at Hotel New Montana, Sinaia, on “AGRICULTURE, NATURE AND INNOVATION”.


Turismverde Ecological Association was actively represented at this meeting by Mr. Serban Constantin, the president of the association, who had the following interventions:

1) Highlighting the importance of the moment June 5, World Environment Day:
– The presentation of animated movie “Man”, about how we, humans, produce “Climate Change”.
– He stressed the need to reduce the carbon footprint of tourism activities.
– He presented 10 actions that we can take to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

2) A brief presentation of his expertise in green tourism (sustainable, responsible, slow)


3) Presentation of green tourism from the Carpathian Convention perspective.

4) He stressed the role of cooperation in the network for the sustainable development of rural areas and thus to a certain type of tourism without major impact on the environment, the green one: sustainable, responsible, slow, eco, etc;


5) He recommended to the Network members Greentourism Ecological Association eco-inonation in tourism system: Progressive Green Labeling System– PGL as an innovative and integrated solution to reduce the impact of tourism activity in Romania.

6) He recommended Vatra Valaha innovative project;


7) He asked the audience to support a letter to the environment authorities MARD with occasion of Environmental Day to express our concern over the continuing degradation of the countryside landscape, a resource for rural tourism development. You can see the original letter in Romanian forwarded to the authorities, HERE and the English version, HERE.

You can see the documents of the meeting, the presentations (including Mr. Serban’s) and more picutres here:

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