Official launch of the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) conducted the official launch of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development 2017 the first large-scale tourist events Fitur Madrid about 245,000 visitors, 9,672 exhibitors held in 62 494 square meters from eight pavillions and 7,500 journalists from entire world. Thus on 01/18/2017, in Auditorio Norte del Convenciones Ifema north, held the first act.

2017 was declared the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development by the UN General Assembly. “This is a unique opportunity to dedicate a year of activities promoting tourism as a key pillar for a better future and a better life for all of us, “said Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the UNWTO.

The event was chaired by His Majesty the King Felipe VI of Spain. The celebration highlighted the potential of tourism in contributing to the development of all countries in the Sustainable Development Goals and the need to continue advancing direction towards a tourism sector more sustainable, which will benefit local communities and promoting the conservation of natural heritage and values cultural.

More details of the event can be found here!

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“Every day, more than three million tourists cross international borders. Every year, almost 1.2 billion people travel abroad. Tourism has become a pillar of economies, a passport to prosperity, and a transformative force for improving millions of lives.” said the United Nations Secretary General, MR. ANTÓNIO GUTERRES.

The world can and must harness the power of tourism as we strive to carry out the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals include targets that relate to tourism: Goal 8 on promoting growth and decent work, Goal 12 on ensuring sustainable consumption and production, and Goal 14 on conserving marine resources.

But tourism also cuts across so many different areas of life, and involves so many different economic sectors and socio-cultural currents, that it is a bridge to better mutual understanding among people from all walks of life.

“Together, we can make tourism an effective and dynamic tool in building a safer, more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable world for all.”, said MR. ANTÓNIO GUTERRES, Message for the 2017 INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM


About Green Ecological Tourism in Romania:
* Association is the creator and promoter of first principle “Green Business Scheme” in Romania, called “PGL-3WT(3 Win Tourism)” the most durable, sustainable and responsible&rezonable principle tourism development. Details here!

The mission of our tourism sustainable promoting association is to pre serve as much as possible the environment,  aesthetic valences of all areas (protected & unprotected) like delta, mountain, sea, urban-rural etc and social ties with residents, preserving their cultural heritage material or immaterial values ​​and their traditional while contributing to understanding and tolerance in human-nature symbiosis, that future generations could enjoy their travels even in the same conditions as us today.

Therefore Turismverde * Ecological Association recommends always responsible consumption & reasonable …

More details about our association activity, here!

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