PGL System

Progressive Green Labeling System (PGL System) is a classification / gradual labeling system exclusively based on environmental criteria, complementary to existing star system.

It is an important tool for education and empowerment of all stakeholders in the tourism sector.

Integrated scheme environmental efficiency/inefficiency in tourism



The PGL System endeavors to disseminate the ecolabel concept in a inovative and improved vision:


Tabel comparativ_GPL

The PGL System for tourist’s accommodation businesses is given to tourist accommodation and services in Romania that proves being sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible with its stakeholders and tourist destinations.

The PGL System is a national certification and capacity building programme developed by Greentourism Ecological Association. Its goal is to enhance the quality and environmental awareness and raise the competiveness and environmental performance of the Romanian hospitality industry.

By starting with the key sector in the Romanian tourism industry, the accomodation sector, a first step is going to be taken to move the whole tourism sector towards more sustainability. On the long run, other sectors such as food&beverage, transport and travel agencies should follow.

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