Retrospective of “Green Tourism Week, a Green Week in Tourism, 1st edition 2017”

A retrospective of the activities deployed within “Green Tourism Week, a Green Week in Tourism, 1st edition 2017” during seven days betwin 27-29.09.2017 & 02-05.10.2017

Through the “Green Tourism Week, Green Week, 2017 edition” we initially proposed to attract a representative number of stakeholders interested in the general objective – increasing the awareness of the target audience – the inhabitants of the urban environment, on the options they have or can create them by accessing those tourism services that encourage sustainable development. Due to the reconfiguration of support partners, we reduced our initial activities, to the young urban public.

We have succeeded to get the approval of the Ministry of Tourism and support of CFR Calatori and of Municipality Bucharest School Inspectorate for the piloting activities of the first edition of “Green Tourism Week, a Green Week in Tourism, 2017”, mainly addressing the young public in Bucharest high schools, but also other high schools, giving them the motivation and the possibility to actively and integrated informed about those responsible, sustainable forms of tourism, as well as concrete ways of adopting pro-environmental behavior during touristic trips.

“Green Tourism Week, Green Week, 2017 edition” event includes activity dedicated to the International Year of Tourism for sustainable development between two important days:
1) World Tourism Day on 27.09.2017 (start of Green Week) and
2) National Education Day on October 5, 2017 (end of the Green Week).
Within the week activities were planned in the context of the 2017 International Tourism Development Year.

Thus, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, in the context of the International Efforts to Maintain Peace and Increase Society and Environment Well-Being, on 2017, the United Nations and the WTO will celebrate the tourism that is conducive to a long-term vision favorable to a sustainable tourism, the Green Tourism Association * will carry out a series of activities aimed at highlighting the importance of green tourism for development to protect the environment and adapt to climate change over a week of dedicated activities:

On first Day, 27 September 2017, was held the celebration of World Tourism Day and the launch of “Green Tourism Week 2017” and photo competitions, literary essays and drawing during the conference “Green Cities and Green Tourism”, which took place in the festivities hall of the Economic College of Viilor, in front of an audience of students of classes IX B, XII A and XII B, a total sixty four pupils, accompanied by six teachers.

On Second Day, 28 September 2017, took place the presentation of the actions and objectives “Week of green tourism, a green week in tourism, edition 2017” in front of the participants from the first day of the International Tourism Forum Responsible, in the dedicated panel Civic Involvement and Sustainable Development, organized by the Amphitheater Foundation at the National Youth Center “Tinerimea Romana” Bucharest.

On same Day, 28 September 2017, the Debate on “Green tourism in support of increasing the cohesion of landowners and agricultural households” took place in Bernschutz Teahouse The Icon Garden, in front of an audience mainly representatives of several ngo’s from Bucharest.

On third day, 29 September 2017, took place the workshop “Action mode in case of calamities produced during the tourist stay”,  in front of an audience from the Technological High School “Mircea Vulcanescu”, classes with tourism profile XII A, XII B, XI B and X A A, in total 105 students, accompanied by one teacher.

On Day 4, October 2, 2017, took place the Presentation The Significance of the International Year of Tourism and the Sustainable Use of Resources in Green Tourism, in front of an audience from the 12th A, XIInd B and the XIth B of the “Mircea Vulcanescu” Technological High School, a total of 138 students, accompanied by a teacher.

Also on the Day of October 2, 2017, the “Green Thinking vs. Green Psychology” Symposium – Bernschutz Tea Room, Icon Garden, took place on social networking events in front of several participants from the young Bucharest public audience concerned with green thinking and behaviors.

On fifth Day , October 03, 2017, took place the presentation “The Significance of the International Year of Tourism and the Sustainable Use of Resources in Green Tourism, in front of an audience from the XI-a C, Xa C Classes of the” Grigore “Technological College Cerchez “, totaling a total of 45 students accompanied by two teachers.

On Day 6, October 4, 2017, the “Green Accommodation Component, Sustainable Development Factor of Tourism” was presented, after introducing the theme “The Significance of the International Year of Tourism 2017”, in front of a school audience from the class of 11th and 12th grades of the Economic College “ADXENOPOL”, totaling a total of 45 students, accompanied by two teachers. Also on October 04, 2017, there was presented “The Significance of the International Tourism Year 2017” and “The Green Accommodation Component, a Sustainable Development Factor of Tourism”, in front of an audience from the 10th and 11th grades B of the “Viilor” Economic College, totaling a total of 53 pupils, accompanied by a teacher.

On the 7th day, 05 October 2017, the “Green Education in Motion” event, organized with the support of Romanian Rails CFR Calatori and in collaboration with RoTrans and Teenstitute Associations, took place, with 26 young people (25 pupils from Bucharest schools with various profile conected with tourism, a student at Economic Academy ASE and 5 teachers, in front of which was presented “The importance of including green transport services as part of the package of sustainable tourism services in the context of 2017, declared by the UN and OMT as a year of tourism for sustainable development “. The “Green Education in Motion” event, took place in a modern CFR car on the Bucharest-Sinaia and Retur routes, as well as participants in the Green Arts Contests dedicated to photography, the literary essay and the drawing, were expected to climb in wagons under the slogan” Go green! Through art and green transport. ”

The Green Tourism Week Green Tourism Week dedicated to green tourism in the International Year of Tourism for Sustainable Development, in which the activities of the Green Tourism Week, a Green Week in Tourism, the 1st edition 2017, commenced with the World Tourism Day and ending on the occasion of the World Education Day between 27-29.09.2017 & 02-05.10.2017, took place on 06.October, this year.

Thus, in the “Green Week for Tourism Green Week, 2017 Edition” a series of activities were supported, benefiting a total of 401 students and 19 teachers from several high schools in Bucharest with a tourism profile, but also from high schools Bucharest with other specializations from tourism-related fields.

They have been awarded with Diplomas of Appreciation those active students at this week’s presentations as well as the participating teachers from the high schools in Bucharest.

In addition to the staff and students participating in the “Week of green tourism, a green week in tourism, edition 2017”, at the Conference where PMB, CFR and the Ministry of Tourism officials were invited to attend, we were honored the presence of Prof. Dario Andretta of Bioterra University, which gave a speech on the importance and necessity of continuing to carry out several such green-green environment weeks in high schools in Bucharest and then in the country given the interest shown by young people for that tourism, now considered niche, to whose development we will all contribute in a not too distant future after this 2017 change of paradigm in tourism.

Concerning the manifestation of the young people’s interest for change, during the round of debates, regarding the facilitator of the conference Mr. Constantin Serban – the president of the ecological association Greentourism,  in the wallachian traditional clothing, both at the launching event and at the “Week of green tourism, a green week in tourism, the 2017 edition “, as well as the previous debates on a possible tourism logo, many students from the audience have asked us to propose to the Ministry of Tourism that the new logo should represent a traditional pastor with a sheep, preferred image more than a single sheep.

On the occasion of the event hosted by the Technological Highschool Mircea Vulcanescu in Bucharest, a joint exhibition “Eco & Green Edu Expo” was organized (with works by pupils in the competition and ecco atra and green arts with works by psychic Serban Constantin , plastic artist, founder of Green Arts in Europe and promoter of Environmental Education through Art and Adela Talpes, independent plastic artist, green tourism association vice president, founder of Oshibana Art in Romania, co-founder of the Green Arts concept in Europe and promoter of Education for environment through Art.

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RoGEA – Romanian Greentourism Ecologic Association (Ro_AETv) is a non-governmental organization in the green-eco field headquartered in Romania. Our mission is to support biodiversity conservation, promoting protected areas and sustainable, responsible, environmentaly tourism, slow tourism, sweet tourism etc, in one word: Greentourism*.
We have the aim to improve untill change the conservatory way of producing and consuming tourism services especialy in sensitive areas more then protected areas, including sensitive urban areas and tourism adaptation to climate changes and reducing tourism emisions.
Sustainable GreenTourism

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