Romania 1st Green Psy Camp 2015

Green psychology or Eco psychology demonstrates the role of nature, the natural environment as a factor for emotional regulation and impact on our sense of well. Theodore Roszak is the one who coined the term in 1992 in his book “The Voice of the Earth“. This was the signal for the development of an area where psychology to examine because the man behave is so environmentally irresponsibil and encourage environmental movement to find ways to motivate people to act in ways more positive (optimistic) than agressive protest.

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Green psychology demonstrates the natural impact on physical and mental health / psychological are in constant interrelation. Studies have shown that ordinary” walking in nature mental measurable benefits. A recent study based on quantifiable evidence finds that walking in nature can lead to a lower risk of depression. The study, published in the Proceedings” of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the people who walk in a natural area, unlike other participants in the study walked in an urban setting, they decreased brain activity in her brain region associated with a key factor in depression.

Inteligenta materiei optimiste

These recent studies have shown that increased incidence of mental disorders such as depression due to increased urbanization of the environment and human disconnection from nature. The findings show that people in cities at risk of approx. 20 percent higher risk of anxiety disorders and approx. 40 percent higher for mood disorders, compared to people in rural areas. Even people born and reared in cities are twice as likely to develop schizophrenia.

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Because I wanted to not lose sight connection with spirituality ecopsihologiei we enjoyed this valuable opinion in the field of neuroscience, Green tourism® Romania and School of optimism® held the first romanian camp of green psychology which took place between 24-26 july in Visinesti, Dambovita county which was attended by phd. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan, currently head of the Department of Neurology and Neuro psychosomatic Titu Maiorescu University Bucharest and collaborated with other departments from other prestigious universities.
Professor Dumitru Constantin Dulcan (77 years) is renowned neurologist and psychiatrist who has linked his name to the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest, where he led the department of psychiatry, and neurology clinic, also the “teacher of teachers” of optimism from School optimism – and leader of the first camps of Green Psychology.


As an author, Mr. dr. Dulcan became accessible to the masses of readers with the publication of the book “intelligence material”, a bestseller of the 80s. In his revolutionary mentality of that time, Professor Dulcan dared to write about the entity, above all, put into things a natural order, but still not understood by us. His book “intelligence material” was distinguished in 1992 with the Romanian Academy Award for philosophy “Vasile Conta”. Other books by D.C. Dulcan are “beyond mind” which addresses the experiences of clinical death, “Searching for lost meaning,” “Sleep of Reason”, “By ourselves”, “Modern man’s thinking,” “Peak and limits”. Also professor Dulcan is a member of prestigious national and international scientific societies (American Academy of Neurology, European Neurological Society, International Brain Research Organization). I have been offered a number of awards for his work nationally and internationally and was awarded the Medal of Excellence GOLDABILITY – Agreement for the creative effort, audacious and steadfast filed in promoting science and spirituality universal, received International Conference of Transpersonal Psychology.

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Green Psychology as a bump in the camps national Ecopsihologie or Psychology green” seeks to explore the relationship between nature and human well-being, focused on highlighting the value of natural resources / elements of nature to the public and estimate benefit of investing natural factors in psychological therapies and growth Nature preservation importance, with N” big as a means of healing. 


About admirable initiatives, ideas, actions and human new perspective on the planet can learn more on the social network Facebook where a initiated group discussion in Romanian or English on green psychology or ecopsychology, here.

I am convinced that many of the problems of people have their origin in removal of Nature or sometimes in attitude of superiority and indifferent to it. Green psychology turns green natural role as a factor regulating emotional and positive impact on emotional state and human behavior.

Both in my student years and in my work license in 2013 made the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences I treated ample this pioneering field of psychology and the same, this year my dissertation paper work in the Master of Clinical Psychology and Intervention Psychology Psychology is dedicated to all Ecopsihologiei green or green which supports art therapy.

Moreover, promote the research and development of this new field of psychology in Romania including in the project “Green amphitheater” of our association. Details about the last event in the Faculty of Horiculture of USMAV can be accessed on line at Further details can be accessed online on the websites: and in Romanian language or in English.

More info (ro lang) here.


Greentourism* Ecologic Association is promoting the Environmental protection in all processes of society development including personal development through Eco-psychology or Green psychology, make Green Education for adaptation to climate changes and reducing GHG, support biodiversity conservation, promoting protected areas and sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, environmentaly tourism, slow tourism, sweet tourism etc, in one word: Greentourism*.

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