The National Conference “ROMANIAN VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT CONTINUES – NPRD 2014-2020” took place on 15 to 16 June 2015 in Lipscani Theatre, Bucharest.

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The Conference managed to generate constructive debate and achieve cohesion among all parties involved in rural development. So, in plenary conference, Mr. Serban Constantin, president of the Association of Ecological Turismverde gave Mr. Daniel Constantin, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Team Leader of the European Network for Rural Development, the manifest letter of the association, supported by the participants to the NNRD latest event, against degradation of countryside, a basic resource for rural tourism, an income-generating activity for Romanian village.

On this occasion Mr. Serban Constantin has addressed the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development a question regarding the possibility of financing all tourist activities in the new NPRD namely if other tourism areas besides agro-tourism are going to be financed / developed.

The conference was also attended by many students who were able to learn that Romanian village development must continue on a sustainable basis without having a negative impact on the local community and its members, in order to achieve social sustainability by developing those forms of tourism which do not disturb and do not interrupt the daily life of the Romanian village population.

Greentourism Ecologic Association supports the strengthening of rural development networks in the new programming period for the sustainable development of tourism in rural areas, namely green tourism, the only way of doing tourism which, by minimizing ecological impacts on rural tourism activity aims to achieve environmental sustainability contributing to preserve good agricultural traditions and improve rural quality by turning a large part of income to the village.

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