The paradox of the environment in Romania after 25 years

We participated yesterday at the Romanian Opera Event “25 years of environment in Romania”, an event celebrating the establishment and operation of environmental institutions.


Were handed diplomas for employees who work continuously for 25 years in Environmental Protection and the Environmental Guard. In the enviromnent ministry remained only 4. They gave awards to institutions and organizations, many from civil society.

It started with a picture of the environment in the period 1990-2015, made by ten former ministers and current minister of environment, most after 2000 until now. Every speker tried to point out the challenges, achievements and the failures. 

They were scored many achievements, but most non-continuous offspring stopped and outgoing. I heard only the last 5 speakers, with few we have intersected in the last recent years. In the first session we were presented accomplishments, but there was a moment of maximum sincerity. One of the interlocutors launch a question about the paradox of the environment in Romania after 25 years:

“How the environment has so many problems, when all boast with so many achievements?”

I heard ideas about “planetary boundary” and the “world nature evaluation in money”.

Welcome the presence of Mr. Prof. Mircea Dutu PhD, Chairman, Ecological University of Bucharest, in the second sesion like speaker, who has contributed greatly to the knowledge of environmental doctrine in Romania.


Greentourism* Ecologic Association is promoting the Environmental protection in the processes of economic development of society, Personal development through Eco-psychology or Green psychology, performs Art-Therapy humanitarian workshops, make youth Green Education for adaptation to climate changes and reducing GHG, support biodiversity conservation, promoting protected areas and sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, environmentaly tourism, slow tourism, sweet tourism etc, in one word: Greentourism*.

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