Youth Day 2017, Youth for greentourism and peace building

At 1.8 billion, today’s young people are the largest generation in human history.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015) is the first international policy framework that recognizes the positive role young people play in preventing and resolving conflict, countering violent extremism and building peace. More info in

Our association considers that Green Youth is a Key Piece to peace in this situation when due to Climate Changes the social calm is changed, or Climate Change can damage or may exacerbate existing social problems..

Are Youth prepared to Climate Changes Social Movements?

In spite of concrete progress, the environmental impact of the tourism industry, in terms of air and wather pollution and carbon emissions remains a matter of concern which should be properly addressed for the industry to grow sustainably.

Green Youth is a Key Piece to peace.For us, this is not only a matter of responsibility and respect for the environment. There is also a great opportunity to develop a green tourism industry that can a vector for socio-economic development at the local level, a vehicle to learn about each others culture and, last but not least, a way for a deeper understanding and peace building on a people to people level like Bucharest Green Holiday fest.

In 1st edition of “Green Holiday fest” event of Greentourism Ecologic Asociation, we have celebrated Tourism for Sustenability and Peace for future, specialy youth,  two days between 12:00-21:00 in Bucharest Youth Parc with the support of The Mayoralty of the Bucharest city, trough ARCUB & Proedus Centers.

More info about International Year of Tourism for Sustenability celebrated in common with Youth Day on Bucharest Green Holiday fest, here!

Green holiday programs will combine stories about specific objects, camping sites, green tourism techniques, workshops where we practice creativity and environmental maneuver when traveling not only in nature, green psichology, green art up-cycling art workshops, but the first place as importance remaining smart playing.

Every day of the Festival will have a theme(YouthPeace&GreenTourism) that will be creatively included in the green edu games and activities of which we mention:

-City camping site assignment;

-Knowledge of camping materials;

-Taking a tent and anchoring it;

-Why do not we make fire place in the woods?

-Learn the biodiversity of the living world;

-Ecological cooking methods;

-Compass/no compass orientation;

-I’ve been experiencing the afternoon sleeping

-Thanks and camp games;

-Other city green tourism activities.

The festival has as a motto a quote from Mark Twain saying that the secret of success is “to make your vocation a holiday!”

Please find more images on our facebook page, here!

RoGEA – Romanian Greentourism Ecologic Association (Ro_AETv) is a non-governmental organization in the green-eco field headquartered in Romania. Our mission is to support biodiversity conservation, promoting protected areas and sustainable, responsible, environmentaly tourism, slow tourism, sweet tourism etc, in one word: Greentourism*.
We have the aim to improve untill change the conservatory way of producing and consuming tourism services especialy in sensitive areas more then protected areas, including sensitive urban areas and tourism adaptation to climate changes and reducing tourism emisions.
Sustainable GreenTourism

More details about us, please find here!




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